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How to date to find your soulmate

Dating for the One in 3 Easy Steps (Love Attraction, #4) - Kathryn Alice
  In this ebook, Kathryn Alice shows you how to put the law of attraction into action in your dating life, and date positively, even if you are an introvert and you hate to date. As she puts it, if you don't like going out, the right person will "have a wreck in your yard." This book will inspire you to date again, or date differently and more in harmony with your true personality, so you can attract the kind of person who is drawn to the real you. Five stars!


Letting go to move on

Releasing a Person (Love Attraction #1) - Kathryn Alice
  This ebook covers the fundamentals of why you need to let go of past relationships, even ties you might only vaguely cling to, in order to move on and create room in your life for new and better love. This ebook is short, but punchy and to the point. Five stars!


Short, effective ebook

Manifest Your Soulmate (Love Attraction #3) - Kathryn Alice

This book dispels the misconceptions people have about dating and relationships, and shows anyone that they are deserving of happiness, and that there is no such thing as "out of your league." This book will help you overcome the limiting beliefs that keep you trapped in lackluster relationships. Five stars!

Love (and Self Esteem) will find you!

Love Will Find You: 9 Magnets to Bring You and Your Soulmate Together - Kathryn Alice
  This is Kathryn Alice's print book from a few years ago, and she has since published several other ebooks on the same topic. I have purchased and read all her books and ebooks and they all provide very solid information and encouragement. This book explores the way in which you can use the law of attraction and raise your vibration to soulmate level to attract your ideal mate. The examples of clients she has worked with are peppered throughout her work, and are very entertaining and encouraging. Five stars!